Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages ​​do you speak?

We speak Dutch, English, Spanish, German & French

Is Diff Estates an official Spanish real estate agent?

Yes, Diff Estates is an official real estate agency registered under number: CIF B56491350

Can I finance a purchase in Spain?

Which can.
In principle it is possible to finance up to 50% of the purchase amount with a Spanish bank.
We are happy to advise you on this.

Do I need a lawyer to purchase a property in Spain?

It is not legally required, but in principle you cannot do without it.
A lawyer is the key figure in the entire process.
It is also important to mention that the lawyer is and remains responsible for all his research and advice; even after the sale.

How much do I have to pay to the Spanish state if I buy a property in Spain?

When purchasing an existing home, you must pay a transfer tax or ITP tax of 7%.
When purchasing a new-build home you must pay 10% VAT and a separate AJD tax of 1.2%.
When purchasing a building plot, 21% VAT must be paid.

How much does the notary cost?

The execution of the deed by the notary is not that expensive and his fees usually remain below 1,000 euros

How much does the Spanish lawyer cost?

The lawyer's fee fluctuates around 1% of the purchase price

Who pays the broker?

It is the selling party that must pay the broker

what is a NIE number?

This is a one-time registration number for foreigners.
You need this number to open a bank account, to register a Spanish car, to purchase a home, etc.

What fixed costs do I have to anticipate as the owner of a Spanish home?

Every year there is the cadastral income or the IBI tax; this fluctuates around 0.5% depending on the municipality
In addition, there are any other recurring costs such as electricity, water, internet, telephone, municipal waste contribution or the basura tax

What can we expect from you after purchasing our home?

Since we also offer a home management service for our customers, you can contact us for all your questions, small or large.
We will always try to advise and help you as best as possible
Since we have been active on the Costa del Sol for more than 25 years, we have a very large network in all areas.

How does it work if we have seen one or more interesting homes on the website?

First and foremost, we will try to inform you as best as possible through, among other things, photos and videos.
Afterwards it is of course advisable to schedule a specific appointment for one or more viewing(s).
Since there is a very wide range of affordable airline tickets available, this viewing can in principle be very efficient and you do not have to 
necessary to lose a lot of time during the viewings.

If we have seen a house that we like and we would like to purchase it, what then?

Then you must reserve the property using a reservation form and you must also make a down payment of 3,000 or a maximum of 6,000 euros.
From that moment on, the property is taken off the market and the purchasing process can start

What is a gesture?

A gestoria is a kind of administration office and accounting office that you need for various administrative matters such as registering a vehicle, importing a vehicle, tax returns, etc.
It is a kind of intermediary between yourself and the Spanish administration.
We can also advise you here.
We can even put you in touch with a Dutch-speaking gestoria!

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