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Diff Estates, your Dutch-speaking real estate agency on the Costa del Sol. With more than 25 years of experience, we are the right partner! Mainly focusing on the above 4 regions, we also speak Dutch, Spanish, French, English and German.

These regions have many assets, including a beautiful and perfectly maintained road network, a very wide range of affordable flight connections, an unprecedented range of high-quality (private) hospitals and specialized doctors, a high degree of general safety, political stability, very low crime rates, a -compared to the Benelux- very interesting price/quality ratio in all areas, a wide choice of fantastic and yet affordable restaurants, a range of more than 70 golf courses, beautiful beaches and mountains, many sports options, and last but not least... 325 days of sunshine a year...

No other place in Europe has all this to offer!

Not only do we have a wide and up-to-date range of high-quality new construction projects, we also offer so-called resale homes; these are homes that have already been occupied before.

Since we have been active on the Costa del Sol for more than 25 years, you can expect us to know the region like no other. And thanks to our extensive experience (both in Belgium and Spain) in the field of real estate and project development, we guarantee very professional guidance in your search for the right home.

We also assist you from A to Z on a legal level.

Since a Spanish lawyer plays a key role in the entire purchasing process, we have ensured that you have access to a Dutch-speaking lawyer. That also makes it much easier and more transparent for you as a buyer.

But you can still count on us even after the sale. After all, there is a good chance that you will still have many small and perhaps also big questions that we will help you with!

We are thinking of this, for example:

• Which are the best restaurants?
• How can I register a car with a Spanish license plate?
• How do I request telephone and internet?
• Where can I find a good handyman?
• Where can I find a reliable cleaning helper?
• Where can I find a Dutch-speaking insurance broker?
• Where can I find a Dutch-speaking GP?
• Which (private) hospitals do you recommend?
• Where can I find a good gestoria (administration office)
• Do you know a good international moving company?
• Can you help us if we want to rent out our home?
• etc…etc…